Customer Subscribe plugin for NopCommerce 2020

We are so excited to present you our plugin project for #nopCommerce!!! 


Our team was guided by the idea of ​​enabling customers on this platform to follow the changes that are happening with the products they want to buy (price change, change in the remaining quantity of products,..), in order to save time checking the current discounts for it. In this way, customers are up to date with all changes that occur on the product, appearing exclusively for products that interest them and significantly save their time to check current promotions.
At the same time, sellers are noticing a significant increase in sales, because people recognize their desire to get closer to the needs of customers.
Moreover customers are now chasing their discounts easier than ever before! If you have your store on this multifunctional e-commerce platform, quickly visit our #nopCommerce profile and don't miss the opportunity to try our Nop commerce Customere Subscribe plugin, there are a couple more left. 😉